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Top Ten Things To Do In Liverpool

Top Ten Things To Do In Liverpool

Liverpool is a city in celebration.  Wining the 2008 Capital City of Culture award has brought fresh investment intended to match the amenities of the old city to the passion of its devoted citizens.  With money poured into renovating the city centre, improving shopping facilities and areas for nightlife along with the rapid growth of Liverpool as a city of art and culture Liverpool is the booming city of the North, genuinely a city that has something for everyone. It is certainly worth a visit with lots of places to stay too.

The Cavern Club

The self-proclaimed ‘most famous club in the world’ is the legendary birthplace of the Beatles and without doubt one of the most important cultural landmarks in Liverpool.  Inspired by Parisian cellar bars the Cavern Club opened in 1957 but it wasn’t until November 9th 1961 when the unknown Beatles were introduced to Brian Epstein that the club cemented its place in pop history.  Since the Beatles completed their 292 show residency artists such as The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who and recently the Arctic Monkeys have gone on to play at The Cavern defining the club as a hot-spot for emerging talent and an icon in world music.

The Cavern Club is situated along the lively Mathew Street just off the city centre and is open daily from 12pm holding live music nights and DJ events playing anything from Mersey Beat to Brit Pop.

Albert Dock

This secluded patch of Liverpool’s heritage offers a break from the city centre with plenty to see and do across a picturesque waterfront.  Combining bars and restaurants with museums and tours the Albert Dock has something for everyone.  The Merseyside Maritime Museum and the National Slavery Museum as are certainly worth a look and Babycream and Panamerican Club are both great places for something to eat or a quick drink.

Turning The Place Over

Described as the most daring piece of public art in the world, Richard Wilson’s revolving slice of condemned office block is a sight to be seen.  Set just outside the city centre in Moorfields and only viewable during daylight hours Wilson has cut out a huge 8-metre oval from a building’s façade allowing it to rotate in its place exposing glimpses of the inside to passers by.

China Town

Liverpool has one of the largest and most established Chinese communities in Europe.  The Imperial Arch on Berry Street acts as a gateway to an area revitalized with the Capital of Culture award.  With bars and restaurants open daily and a busy market selling clothes, herbs, food and drink open on a Sunday Liverpool’s famous China Town is a colourful escape from the city centre.

Tate Liverpool

Founded as part of the 1988 renovation of the Albert Dock the gallery houses important works from both contemporary and classical artists and offers fresh non-permanent exhibitions and a full package of activities for children.  The gallery is open Tuesday to Sunday 10pm – 5pm.

Concert Square

The hive of Liverpool nightlife is always busy as bars and restaurants compete for custom with staggering drinks deals and nauseatingly infectious Scouse House music.  Modo and Arena are two of the best while Walkabout is always a lively place to watch any football, cricket or rugby matches.

Rawhide Comedy Club

Always good for a meal and a laugh the Rawhide Comedy club at the Royal Court on Roe Street has hosted the likes of Peter Kay, Jimmy Carr and Johnny Vegas and continues to attract the best emerging comedy talent from around the world.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday are the main nights but be sure to book early as tickets are usually sold-out on the door.


The Foundation for Art and Creative Technology is the UK‘s leading organisation for the commissioning and presentation of film, video and new media art forms.  Situated just off Wood Street in the Ropewalks area of the city centre FACT is a resource for artists and creatives but also an entry point into the world of new media with regular short film competitions and commissioned work from the likes of Turner Prize winner Mark Wallinger and documentary filmmaker Isaac Julian.  FACT is also the best cinema is the city showing both independent movies and major Hollywood releases.

Anfield Tour and Museum

You can’t go to Liverpool without at least one proud local reminding you that the football club representing the red half of the city is the most successful British club around.  The tour takes you behind the scenes at the club, visiting the dressing rooms and sitting in the team dugout while the museum holds a large number of trophies and memories including the European Cup installed permanently after Liverpool’s fifth victory in the 2005 final in Istanbul.

Walker Art Gallery

This gallery really is the ‘National Gallery’ of the north.  Situated across from Lime Street station on William Brown Street the neo-classical Walker Gallery has a large collection of work spanning the years from the pre-Raphaelite works of Rembrandt and Degas to contemporary works from Lucien Freud and David Hockney.  Entrance is free and the gallery is open between 10-5pm daily.

Staying in Liverpool

Liverpool offers a diverse range of different types of accommodation. You can find a nice hotel in Liverpool at reasonable rates. Liverpool Accommodation includes hotels, guesthouses, B&Bs & inns if you need a Liverpool Budget Hotel – offering value for money hotels for those wishing to keep to a budget then these are ideal. Or perhaps you want to stay in an Apartment – primarily self-catering accommodation for the more independent guest .Enjoy your stay in Liverpool!

Czech Republic was great

I went to the Czech republic a few days back.

Went kayaking down the river Berounka en route to Prague with a group of Czechs.

What a marvellous group of people they were too, I’ll post some pics when I get them.

It was really cool to get immersed into a different mindset and culture, even if I couldn’t understand a word of what most of them were on about the majority of the time!

I must say though, they piss all over us brits for hospitality. Generous and warm hearted was the impression they left me with.

How about this though, 15 of us, drank all night from like 730pm to 5am, ate copious amounts of grub and basically sang and danced the whole night through. The bill at the end of the evening, for all 15 of us was just 1600 crowns or Koruny. That’s about £39-00 mad eh?

Shish for breakfast a civilised way to start ones day

Ok, a little recipe for that unusual brekfast offering.

Take one unopened lamb shish kebab from the night before.

Open it up and remove the lettuce onions and tomato.

Put it in a dish

Take soggy pitta bread and cold cooked lamb chunks and throw on plate.

Stick plate and nuke aforementioned in microwave for 1 minute 10 seconds.

Pile salad on top of steaming culinary delight, and eat with knife and fork.

Wash down with opened half drank bottle of stella nice cup of coffee

London still rocks…

For a night on the piss..

Just got back home after a night on the hit and miss with a few pals. Nothing ever change, oh no (name that tune)

It’s great really, even coming back on the train on the way home was a giggle. If I ad 2 bob for every woman who flirted with me I’d be 10p richer 😉

As I said in an earlier communique – its good to hook up with friends and talk bollocks.

Kings cross really isn’t so bad these days

Dobrou Noc


No more les miserables

Sometimes I think my tendency to exercise my have a good rant and moan muscle tends to take over and I just go into one. That’s not good and I’m glad it’s not encouraged either. Moaning and whining achieves not very much at all. Things like that Ive decided, are best aired over a pint or 25 with a mate who tells you to shut your cakehole.

I hereby declare that from this day forth, I will do my utmost not to blog about negative existential crap. 😀

Who want’s to read about that stuff anyway?

Bright and fluffy is where it’s at.

End of broadcast

Friar tucked and getting rucked

Getting up at half past dumb ass o clock has a tendency to make you feel a little creamed this time of the evening. Ever have one of those days when you feel like OLD? Today, I feel old. Like, tired and weary old, need a break old, worn out had enough old.

Found out yesterday that the kids are off again to Norfolk for 5 days…nice that my ex doesn’t tell me mind, fucked up bitch. I found out from Angel yesterday after buying a shed load of shopping in expected anticipation of spending a few days with them. Ice cream, fresh fruit and veg, steak, chops, good quality pizza, that sort of stuff…

Me : Hiya darling how are you baby?
Angel : I’m good thanks dad, how are you ((hugs her dad))
Me : I’m great darlin, just been shopping and bought some bits, would you like to come around for dinner tommorrow? Ive bought some nice bits and bobs
Angel : erm…sorry dad, but I cant, we are going Norfolk.
Me : Oh, ok, not to worry darling. Tell mum it would have been nice had she of told me yet regretting that final part of the sentence the moment I’d said it
Angel : Sorry dad
Me : feeling doubley awful now S’ok babe doesn’t matter, would just have been nice had she told me, thats all

My ex’s lack of communication is no doubt related to the fact that I used some choice words to hit back at her contemptuous babblings on the phone the other day. That I regret, I should know better really.

It was my b’day I was picking the kids up to have a little party at my place. I had to pull Angel about something related to her behaviour the day previously. I spoke with her quietly calmy and I thought, civily – out of earshot of everyone, but Angel wasn’t impressed, and ran off back to her mum in tears.

Her mum is an irrational person and has difficulty in holding herself together emotionally so decides to just do what she usually does and procedes to shout and holler and curse at me on my phone. She doesnt think to herself, oh I know lets talk to Rob 1st before I go off alarming, oh know. She thinks it’s smart to yell and cuss me instead, on the phone, in front of our kids and then wonders why they display behavioural issues like lack of respect and general rudeness. She then hangs up (as per usual) its a normal thing with her now. Shout berate holler, whine, curse, tell me how much of a wanker i am, how useless i am sort of tirade and then slams the phone down,usually at the point I’m reversing the position at.

I’m such an idiot though, I should know better by now, she can’t listen to my reason, her hate for me clouds any sense of rationalism that may reside in the depths of that dark excuse for a soul of hers .I didn’t have to pull Angel about Sunday, I could have let it slide or waited for another day..but no, it had bugged me and i needed to tell her that I wasn’t having that and she’d hurt my feelings. What had she done? Nothing awful really. She’d grabbed my phone off of me that had a pic of me on it and proceeded to show it to all my friends saying, look at my dad isn’t he a big idiot in a mocking I think you are a wanker kind of tone. What parent deserves that?

Did I react? Did I say anything? Did I try and apologise to my friends for their obvious embarrassment at her behaviour? No, I just smiled and let it go.It was too nice a day to be spoilt by a father daughter chastisement thing, and like I said it could always wait for another day.

But the thing is though, is where does Angel get that kind of attitude towards me from? Sadly, i think its from her mother.Even when Angel and I quarrel, she’s started to shout the odds at me and yell her defiance. Its almost like watching a young version of her mum.If her behaviour is a learned thing, then really, thats not something i want for her. I think parents should try and set better examples and not burden their kids with their own sets of emotional baggage.Yet theres not a thing I can do. Custody battle? Nah, she can’t even put their needs 1st now, so how is she going to be when faced with the prospect of losing them to Billy Big Bollocks? I’m happy for them to be with her, but I just wish she’d moderate her behaviour somewhat.

The upside (which Im thankful for ) is that after this huge emotional hoohar of tears and yelling on my birthday, Angel and I did manage to sit down and have a quiet little cuddle and chat. I explained in a nice non patronising way that she doesn’t have to shout at people to get a point across, i told her that i empathised with her point of view and understood that she had gone through a lot of effort to buy me a little cake with some candles and that she felt I had ruined it all by telling her off. She was pleased that I’d actually told her off alone, because i didn’t want to embarras her in front of her brother or her friends the day previously. She was also genuinely sorry that she’d hurt my feelings and promised not to do it again.

She’s obviously angry at me for some reason, I do try and talk to her too, I guess its just one of those things I have to deal with. I’m hoping that as long as Im consistant and that I tell her I love her regularly enough then eventually she’ll be ok. It is a worry though.

I’m puzzled at my ex though, at why she is still so angry at me after all of this time! Really I am! Maybe its just a guilt thing, or perhaps its just a sign of how it always was.

Without sounding like some martyr, if anyone should be angry its me. But am I? Do I even care anymore? No, I don’t care about her one bit, as awful as it may sound I really couldn’t care less if she dropped down stone dead. All I would feel for her would be pity. Pity for a sentient being who just never found the capacity to think or look beyond her emotional frailties, too scared of what she might find, too proud to reach out to someone who might have been able to help.

What really upsets me in all this is how our kids keep getting hit by our inability to be adults about it all. I’m mad at me for reacting to her nonsense. Why do I still, after all this time bother arguing with her? I really wish I wouldn’t, but…I guess that’s the stubborn fucker in me eh, the part that has a will of iron and refuses to yield.

Pride comes before a fall, I need to remember that sometimes you just got to swallow your pride and think of those who matter around you.



Sweaty James

routeDoesn’t look far does it? 9.3 miles according to that map. I’m dripping like a proverbial, damn it was hot out there but really satisfying too. On e the way there were these two big grey horses in some field somewhere, anti social feckers mind, I stopped and said hello and made a few click click noises with me teeth but they weren’t interested. Perhaps its my lack of horse like features, or maybe it was the bluebottle sunglasses, or IPOD blaring out those whiney bastard Stereophonics.

Enroute I found out to my cost that in this place called Charlton there’s this huge big hill that seems to go on forever. Even for a fat fit bloke like me, it really was a push, I had to get off the bike at one point and let my heart have a breather. I passed a few more experienced cyclists (eg those who wear all the gear and stuff) who were yep, you guessed it, going *down* this big hill rather than up. I did feel a little like a james as they whooshed on past me with grins on their boats. Anyways, I wasn’t too peturbed cos I knew that at the end of it all what goes up must come down so knew that eventually I’d be rewarded with a big fuck off downward stretch myself, which I eventually found only to have my baseball cap blown off halfway down, which was a bit of a bugger as I had to get off the bike and walk back up to get the hat.

Still, I’m pleased nonetheless, new routes are all good, a little like a mystery tour you keep going and going – when you think youve gone far enough you bear left and keep on doing so til you see a villiage name you recognise. Its amazing how charged and refrshed you can feel after a good workout, especially on a gorgeous day like this. I’m gonna go for a little cruise now down to the ex bro inlaws with the old top down on the jam. A nice cup of tea and a natter seems to be in order.

Barbie round a pals at 3, Amber reckons she might come too, but made me laugh when she said..”I dunno dad, I might come with ya, depends what I’m doing really” IOW, dad you’ll do if there’s nothing better on the agenda.

Kids, gotta love em 🙂

Cheers –


I’m off out for a cycle and a day in the currant. Have a good day all 🙂