Sunshine and Honey

Sunshine and Honey

The world outside as seen through slats, piercing through my frontroom flat

Blinds drawn down just half open, light filters in so softly spoken

Just a glimpse is all that’s needed, the quiteness of the world receded

Windows shut sounds are silenced, yet movements detect an unreliance

For of course it isn’t at all quiet, if anything chaotic, random fired

Tempting one to go outside, embrace the movements enjoy the ride

Dance within that scattered light, opened up and oh so bright

Warm gold sunshine, smiling kids, laughing loud amongst orchids

Full in bloom stamens proud, teasing the approaching insect crowd

Bees that buzz fly elegant, drawn on in, by musky scent

Its deft aroma helps maketh honey, gold translucence all sweet and yummy

Waiting to be bought off of shelves, by full grown flowers with little elves

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