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A raindrop of light seen through a prism

A raindrop of light seen through a prism, creates an allusion of sweetest precision.

Its soft light warms, magnetic its glow, pulsing and changing its path and its flow.

Ticking away in the back of a mind, slow metronomic, gaps filled with kind.

Gaps of great space timeless in motion, filled with the atoms of life’s sweet devotions.

A way to connect to the best in existence, that which sustains and takes us the distance.

A life touched by love, support and persistence must surely but be, the pièce de résistance.

Yet glaciers move so slow and so steady, their path the behest of some large global eddy, shifting out others along on their way, eventually fading unable to stay.

Melted back in to the big ocean crowd, drawn out by sun, forming wandering cloud. Destined to fall on the earth way below for the cycle of life to continue and grow.

A raindrop of light seen through a prism, creates an allusion of sweetest decision.


Proustian Shoreline Waves Revisited

I wrote this a while back , it’s an observation of a south coast beach – Some might say that poems aren’t meant to be de-constructed, they might be right too. My view is that it can be fun and worth the meander. A bit like weird paintings that don’t appear to make much sense. When you try to figure out what they are about, it can lead to all sorts of mini awakenings and in some cases, inspiration even. What comes from us it might be argued is a part of us all, a part that we all see in one shape or other but fail to translate or even notice.

In any case, for those who care, I’ll go through this one and share a thought and an interpretation or two. I’ve also changed verse 2 as it makes more sequential sense this way.

Waves are curling and bending like falling titans slain by the trident of Poseidon pulling them back as they flee the tyranny of the sea.

The shoreline hisses at the slaying of its foe,  shattered into a million beads of defeated evaporated power, retreating in disdain at the loss of its prize.

The vanquished drops retreat back down, bubbling frothing angry sounds, rushing back to join the masses, railing forth to make more splashes.

Yet Poseidon there will always lay, ready to fight, to catch, to slay, the sea with all its swell and might, kept at bay throughout the night.


The great thing about poetry is that it can be many things to many people.

Whilst my interpretation maybe that it’s about what i think, the great thing is that it doesn’t have to be that way for everyone else. I don’t own how you see things, no one does, isn’t that the beauty of art in that it frees us to see what we want?  We can all take our personal lens and adjust it to our viewpoint. To me, this poem is about a lot of things really; black and white, friend and foe, solid versus the fluid, permanence versus the ever changing. The sea in a constant state of flux, constantly swirling and pushing whilst in our time at least, the land remains relatively steadfast, there, non shifting, holding firm, pushing back.

When you think of a wave and watch it in action, especially those with a bit of attitude, you can conjure up all sorts of metaphors. I liked the Poseidon one as it represents the sea’s mastery over its very essence. I painted the waves as escapees making their desperate dash for the land.  Poseidon of course is the main man and flattens the waves at escape point. Unseen of course, he is a supercharged kick arse sea god with a huge shift yo ass fork after all!

If you’ve been to a beach with lots of shale, you’ll recognise the hiss and bubbling of the water as it sweeps back through the millions of stones that form the shoreline. In the second verse, you may have noticed that I turned it around a little suggesting that the shore itself defeated the waves, forcing them back, standing firm as the wave crashes, resisting its force and absorbing its power. The waves are a naturally a little pissed, surprised even, originally seeing the land as a friend in verse 1, a view not shared by their repellent in verse 2.

In verse 2 I was unsure whether to use the word “power” or “powder”. Powder is a better descriptive, but doesn’t do justice to the essence itself, which when viewed in the context of the sea at the time was very powerful indeed. The word powder is potentially relevant because the foam spray produced ,could be likened to that of what happens to a bag of flour when dropped. It explodes into a cloud of whiteness before dissipating back to a more settled form.

The retreat of the water, reminded me of a dog running away with it’s tail between its legs having tried it on with something a little larger than itself and finding itself on the receiving end of a  metaphorical slap! Think of a pack of Hyenas even, going after a carcass only to be swatted away by a pride of hungry lions. The key thing being the skulk, the retreat, the low rumbling growl of suffering suckertash Sylvester of Looney tunes fame, bested once more by something a little more powerful than himself. For me, this is the essence of what the latter half of verse 2 and 3 are about, audacity and defeat.

The final verse is what I touched upon at the start, it’s about the permanence of both. Poseidon here,is no longer at odds with the land he was never really trying to retain the waves at all. In this context he is a guardian of the land, working in the interests of the land to prevent the waves from over running things. He maintains order 24/7, solid as a rock batting the upstarts back out to sea.

What do you think? What does it mean to you? What are your favourite poems and what do they mean and why. I don’t expect you to answer, just go away and think about it. Take a little time out to reflect and say hmmn.



Random Breeze

Breezes sail on summer seas, drift across the glades with ease
Poppies sway as milked by bees, looked on down by big oak trees

Meadow scent that drives the birds, across the plains above great herds
Over rivers, across small dales, past laughing kids and wagging tails

Invisibly sailing up and down, taking leaves from off the ground
Picking up pace or going slow, swirling around bright streets below

Powered by sun and tidal spree, fanned by waves we cannot see
Waiting for night to quieten down, the breeze no more we all sleep sound


Missing Words

Writing this morn seems kinda tough, the keyboard taps are not enough

Write a line and start a new, backspace, delete, review review

Mental block no inspiration, lack of vision, unknown causation

Trying hard to find a verve, to find a point of textual swerve

Words that’ll speak of stuff unsaid, painting pictures in ones head

Creating joins from line to line, joins with flow, not asinine

Making sense in simple steps, no point trying to perplex

Words right now of absence be, put on screen for all to see


Molten Chocolate

Eyes of chocolate full of light
Signals pulse all deep and bright
Locks that bounce all soft and flowing
Sensuous looks of absence knowing
Heart of pause of trips unknown
Removing layers encased in stone


Shit I’m late

Shit I’m late its ten nineteen

My kids will wonder where Ive been

Sitting on my arse a typing

Random thoughts that needed citing

Time has come to jump in the shower

Wash my hair and have a scour

Its fathers day, after all

A time for pressies smiles and all

Look at the time its ten twenty one

Its now that time, I have to run


Sunshine and Honey

The world outside as seen through slats, piercing through my frontroom flat

Blinds drawn down just half open, light filters in so softly spoken

Just a glimpse is all that’s needed, the quiteness of the world receded

Windows shut sounds are silenced, yet movements detect an unreliance

For of course it isn’t at all quiet, if anything chaotic, random fired

Tempting one to go outside, embrace the movements enjoy the ride

Dance within that scattered light, opened up and oh so bright

Warm gold sunshine, smiling kids, laughing loud amongst orchids

Full in bloom stamens proud, teasing the approaching insect crowd

Bees that buzz fly elegant, drawn on in, by musky scent

Its deft aroma helps maketh honey, gold translucence all sweet and yummy

Waiting to be bought off of shelves, by full grown flowers with little elves


Get off yo ass

Get off your lazy arse and get out in the air

Go shake your booties like you don’t really care

Go check some honies, Go check some beau’s

Go check a movie or some soft porn show

Go eat an ice cream on Southend Pier

Go ride the train on the choo choo fair

Go out and meet it, embrace it with a kiss

Make your today a one that you’ll miss



The leaves are pulled from off the tree, denuding that is bare
The wind it howls and all around small people stand and stare

The clouds roll in bleak and grey a hard time could it be
Rain and hail and brutal force it takes its toll on thee

People come with saws and axes, prepared to cut him down
The tree it stays but firmly put, its roots deep in the ground

It all looks ominous, it all looks deathly, nowhere but to turn
Landscapers, with their forks and plans, torches set to burn

Then from afar a bird does fly and nestles in the branches
Beautiful she does astound, just drawing awesome glances

She thrills and sings and warms the tree, her song it does restore
New buds they sprout and blossoms bloom, he’s proud again once more

Embracing beauty where she sits, dancing in his fingertips
Soothed by warmth and gentle breeze, his soul restored the tension eased


Sweet Cherry Pie

She sits there a steaming, her aroma her power
Her taste in the air, an indelicate flower
Tantalising reds, with a crisp crumbly pastry
Juicy hot currants, oh yum so tasty
A sprinkling of sugar, a top of her face
A pie to behold, a sweet coup de grace

If you do bite her, watch how you chew
Her taste is so sweet,one bite may not do
She’ll fall out your mouth, you’ll suck her back in
Her sweet yummy juices will fall down your chin
You’ll not want to share, and neither will care
That sweet cherry pie, you’ll clean your plate bare