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Glow Away

Burn candle burn give us some light
Deft little flickers are such a delight

Turn up the flame burn with desire
Let us all feel your pulsating fire

Watching your flame glow orange and red
Putting my hands up to your head

Basking in your warmth and heartening glow
As the crowd and the masses they cheer below

Burning with passion your light is aglow
The wisdom and energy it doeth bestow

Turn down the flame, its far too hot
We do not wish to exhaust you not

To have no warmth would make us cold
Without your fire what would be told

No more interest no more desire
Just a cold dark dank spent, funeral pyre


A Journey Uncertain

A light it glows upon the rocks
Calling out and sending shocks
A rhythmic beat, a pulse of love
A resonance, yet not enough

The bag awaits its content to be
Shirts and Shorts quite possibly
A book, a tune, a reference point
To a land called home to soul anoint

The pull is strong, yet hesitant
In seek of life benevolent
The warmth and promise of talk intense
Yet still in fear and reticence

In doubt of word and feeling be
Just lost in a mazed soliloquy
Tender words that dance on ice
Perhaps for now, that will suffice