The leaves are pulled from off the tree, denuding that is bare
The wind it howls and all around small people stand and stare

The clouds roll in bleak and grey a hard time could it be
Rain and hail and brutal force it takes its toll on thee

People come with saws and axes, prepared to cut him down
The tree it stays but firmly put, its roots deep in the ground

It all looks ominous, it all looks deathly, nowhere but to turn
Landscapers, with their forks and plans, torches set to burn

Then from afar a bird does fly and nestles in the branches
Beautiful she does astound, just drawing awesome glances

She thrills and sings and warms the tree, her song it does restore
New buds they sprout and blossoms bloom, he’s proud again once more

Embracing beauty where she sits, dancing in his fingertips
Soothed by warmth and gentle breeze, his soul restored the tension eased

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